What is Company Blog and Why Does it Matter?

blogA lot of people who chose to work at home has a blog or two which they maintain and get source of money from. They build blogs so that they can market their products, may it be skills or goods. But the big question is, among the many competitions online, how can one stand out and get more audience than the rest?

The answer to this is plain and simple: bring your website up on the top of the search results. Now, the process of bringing one’s website on top of search engines’ search results can be very tricky, but it’s actually easy if you have simple knowledge on SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

What is Company Blog?

Search engines like Google and Yahoo! use tools, which are known to be called “spiders”, which “crawl” on all available websites online. These “spiders” determine which sites have valuable information. The websites that are deemed to be useful get a boost on ranking and visibility on the search engines’ search results. The higher a website’s rank is, the more audience it gets.

The tricky part about getting your webpage noticed is resolving the right recipe to get the “spiders” satisfied about what they see in your website. This is where “search engine optimization (SEO)” comes in. SEO is the art or process of boosting one’s website visibility—and therefore traffic—in search engines like Google and Yahoo! through organic and unpaid search results.

Why does Company matter?

Company blog is the most recent trend in the blogging world. Why? It is because a lot of bloggers make profit from it. Enhancingone’s blog for the search engines’ liking is important because it defines your blog’s visibility online. The blogs’ visibility determines how much traffic and money one can earn.

How to create an Company blog post?

Now here are the things a blogger needs to remember about writing an SEO-friendly blog post:

1. Have your own domain and hosting. A blog running on a free domain and host may seem unreliable to a lot of people and search engines. Also, the search engines only draw their attention to trustworthy and serious websites.

2. Your blog has to contain all original contents including photos and videos. Speaking of being a “trustworthy” website, a website with unoriginal content would seem like a scam website and it will not create a lot of “followers”. Your blog will mainly depend on regular readers in the long run and you want to make sure you gain a lot of them.

3. Maintain your Company blog. Make a “to post” list or schedule ahead of time to make sure you have articles to post on a weekly basis. Blogs/websites that are updated on a daily basis are most likely to hit the top search results of Google or Yahoo!

4. Keep your articles interesting. There is what they call “bounce rates” in the blogging world and this is something you don’t want to happen to your webpage. Bounce rates show the number of visitors who land on your page and “bounce” or leave the site after a couple of minutes. Make sure you create articles that are worth reading. Basically, your goal is to keep your readers on your site for as long as they need to.

With all hype and fuss about how office work-related dilemmas stresses people out beyond limit, creating an Company blog might just be the way one can get away with all of it. Imagine a life with a work and life balance. It could seem unimaginable at first, but is actually plausible.