Newbie’s Kit: The Divergent Golf Clubs

GolfOn the early years of golf’s emergence as one of the popular sports in different continents, wood golf clubs has been prominent for its long-distance shots and power. Even today woods are still regarded as the most powerful of all golf clubs and best known by its traditional name ‘woods’ even though most are now made with different metals as its general shape and uses on golf course remained unchanged.

Through the years needs for improvements of the popular game’s mechanics, tools and equipment had been recognized and innovations were launched to further develop its efficiency. This paved a way for the creation of other clubs like irons, wedges, putters and chippers; each designed for distinct purposes.

Golf developers, however, never settle for good but the better. They created another sort of golf clubs that possessed both the wood’s long distance and higher launch and the iron’s swing. This combination gave birth to Hybrids.

Most players specially the ones who have just recently taken their first golf course experience find long irons difficult to use even with the integrated club faces and favor the fairway woods for its larger club face. Many players have also found this particular feature as a leverage that makes every hit easier. Woods, however, have longer shafts that drastically influence the swing speed of a player.

This difference makes it hard to master the use of woods in making accurate shots from the rough. With continual innovations and exhaustive research to have the best answer for such predicament, the hybrid golf clubs were created.

Hybrids are created in a fashion that holds the attributes inspired from the practical and physical designs of both wood and iron golf clubs; giving it the distinguished long distance shots of woods and the familiar swing of irons. This has become an answer for the dilemma that golfers find in the use of woods and irons at some difficult golf course conditions. Divergent at its best!

Some of the popular hybrid brands and manufacturers include Adams Golf, TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra, Wilson Golf, Bridgestone Golf and many others; indicating the recognition of an ever increasing demand for the said product. New improvements and designs were also incorporated in the hybrids such as Velocity Slot Technology for ball speed amelioration, forged performance for better feel and faster swing for greater distance, and variable face thickness or thinness for a well measured launch. Tungsten weight materials and light steel components are also combined in some hybrids to optimize the center of gravity which is an essential factor for easier launch.

The aforementioned golf club has become more popular by the year 2004 as newer designs and integration on features were applied by manufacturers. By the end of the year 2007, surveys show that at least 30% among the consumer and professional golfers are using hybrid clubs. Some even replace some irons in their club sets with hybrids.

Golf BagThese are great developments yet one should always be reminded that hybrids are not versatile to the point that it can be used in any golf course situations and conditions. Another point to consider is that too much preference for easier ways blocks out the doors for new challenges and opportunities for improvements. Being new to this kind of endeavor, one should always make it a point to seek excellence even without the use of these stunningly divergent hybrids. It would be a great start with the use of these clubs but try to explore and master the other types too.

Adopting hybrid’s unique capacity in fitting with various golf course situations will give one the habit of seeking for new learning experiences essential for achieving success in this field. Be versatile. Be dependent. Be divergent.


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