Best Characteristics of a Great Motivational Speaker

Motivational-SpeakerIf you know Eric Thomas, you will realize that here is a man who has dropped out of high school and was homeless. But look at him today – one of the most zealous motivational speaker there is. His famous line that has probably touched countless lives is this: “When you want to succeed as you want to breathe, then you will be successful.”
A motivational speaker is someone whose speeches can inspire the audience. While there may be a lot of such kinds of speakers around, there are few, like Thomas, who really stand out. Anyone can make a speech or encourage another, but not all can be motivational speakers.

Here are the best characteristics that a great motivational speaker possesses:


1. He is confident.
A great motivational speaker knows both his topic and his audience. He has a good understanding of everything he talks about and how to relate to his audience.

2. He has personal motivation.
Who wants to listen to someone who gives good speeches but he himself is not motivated? The saying “you should preach what you practice” should ring true in the lives of motivational speakers.

A great motivational speaker is able to persuade and motivate an audience when he has a personal drive to stay inspired. This characteristic will help him through difficult times – especially when his audience is unresponsive – and get his listeners to be as optimistic as he is. He has his personal supply of motivation within him that spills out to those he talks to. People who don’t have inner motivation may be able to deliver good speeches but their influence will fall flat.

The best motivational speakers have mastered the art of living and staying motivated. You will know an excellent motivational speaker as evidenced by his past accomplishments and his personal relationships.

3. He is optimistic.
Event organizers hire motivational speakers to boost morale and bring inspiration. A person who is not inherently optimistic may find it difficult to encourage others during difficult times. A great motivational speaker always sees the silver lining – he always finds a good reason to feel better in spite of what is happening around him and encourages others to do the same. He doesn’t have to try so hard to sound optimistic, he naturally is.

4. He connects effectively.
The most optimistic and most motivated speaker may not be able to motivate others if he does not know how to engage his audience and connect with them on a personal level. History will show that famous speakers who have roused their audience to action were able to connect with their listeners. Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela are two of them.

People naturally connect with speakers that they trust. They will listen to someone who is relatable. The best motivational speaker is able to connect with every person in the big crowd in a way that each one feels that the speaker is personally talking to them.

5. He knows how to use humor.
Good motivational speakers engage their audience using appropriate humor. When they speak with honesty and humility, people learn to trust what they say. And when the speech is coupled with a good sense of humor, you will have a captivated audience.

Motivational Speakers6. He has a good voice.
Like with any speeches, 90% of delivery is all about the voice. A good speaker has a clear voice that resounds through the room, allowing everyone to hear him. Voice projection will spell the success or failure of the speech. Good motivational speakers take time to study on projecting their voices for clarity and emphasis. They learn how to use their words in stride and how to moderate the volume of their voice.
While there may be a lot of wonderful speeches and great messages around, you need the ideal person to deliver them to make them more powerful.